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My Story

Welcome To She Restores! I'm Wendy Macleod, founder and Mum or two Teens.

My Business was set up whilst on Mat leave with my Son in his buggy and my Daughter was on her way! I discovered my calling to work with Mothers through teaching Buggyfit Classes and experiencing Pregnancy and delivery myself.

I found the early stages of Motherhood quite a shock to my system both physically and mentally and wanted to offer something that would support Mothers in every way they needed.

I wanted to embody the essence of what I feel is important for a Mother's Fitness and recovery during Pregnancy, Post Birth and into the menopausal years too. A brand that supports Women at every stage of their life.


I have worked within the wellness Industry for over 20 years,  many years overseeing management of a large UK Fitness Company and supporting employees within large corporate settings with their Fitness and Mindset.

Watching Mums and Women  grow in confidence and restore their bodies safely and effectively at every life stage is everything that She Restores stands for. 

I'd love to welcome you along soon!

My Vision

I believe that all Women need a period of time post birth to heal, nurture and restore their body and mind. Becoming a parent is a huge life change and it takes time to adjust  to that physically and mentally. 


She Restores holds space for  Women enabling them to learn about what their bodies need to heal and repair but most importantly creates a solution for Mums to get the results they want and deserve.  

Education and empowerment play a large part in my programs and I love giving Mums a 'Tool Kit' they can use time and time again.

My Clients range from athletes to those with little exercise experience, we all need to to restore post baby. Everyone is welcome.

I believe everyone benefits from a period of rehab and welcome everyone at She Restores,

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