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Personal Training

Tailored just for you

Personal Training


My bespoke coaching Programs include-

  • 1:1 or up to groups of 3 - Contact if you'd like to join a small group

  • Expert advice and coaching on Diastasis Recti & Pelvic floor recovery

  • Help you reduce pain (SPD) and more

  • Packages include Nutrition & Lifestyle advice

  • How to get back to high impact exercise and sports safely

  • Full body, holistic programming

  • In-depth assessment/diastasis / postural check

  • Educational and specific to Pre/Post Natal stage of life

  • Peri-menopausal Programs - COMING SOON!

  • Strength, Fitness & Fat Loss Programs

  • Make you feel like you again!

  • Online or in person

4 sessions
(1 month)

Hybrid Program for

Post Natal Women.


*  Diastasis Check
*   2 sessions in person

*  Access to 8 week online program - Wholecore

* Regular program updates. 

* Contact with coach throughout


The Fit Mama Formula

A high value package for Mums & Mums to be.


* A program for ALL Women at any stage of life

* Helping you achieve any goal you have

Diastasis check (if applicable)

*  Pre/Post Natal Assessment (if applicable)

* Peri-Menopause needs (if pplicable)

* General Fitness Goals

* 12 sessions in 12 weeks

* New programs & progressions each time

* weekly progress monitoring

* Contact from coach throughout

* Nutrition Ebook


Personal Training

Single session

A single but thorough  PT session with your Specialist Coach includes:
Consultation, Assessment, 1 hour session and Personalised Program to take away

1-1.5 hours.



 Resistance band to progress effort and strength at classes and at home...


Image by Ella Olsson


A 60 page nutrition Ebook with restorative and balancing recipes, perfect for the Post Natal recovery period and beyond.

*  Healthy nourishing snacks

 * Nutrition to nourish your body post birth

*  Hormone Balancing

*  Promotes good gut health 

*  Clean, easy, quick prep

*  An empowering non restrictive plan

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