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The Resilient Mama Method

A 3 phase Program for Mums

Launching Soon! The Resilient Mama Method.

Online & In-Person 

This Brand new Post natal Program by She Restores is the first of its kind in Scotland. This carefully crafted method works in 3 phases and comes as part of a complete Program of lifestyle and wellness components to take you on a journey from post natal to stronger than ever!

I can't wait to work with you and see where the journey takes you!

Who is this for?

- All awesome mamas ideally from 6 weeks - 12 months post natal (But it's never too late!)

- Mamas who want to do their return to Fitness right

- Mamas who understand how important a robust core is to being a Mama

- Mamas who want to understand their bodies and how to move forward

- Mamas who are feeling a little burnt out and broken but want to feel bad ass again!

- Mamas with big long term fitness goals who want to navigate back to them safely

- Mamas who want to get stronger than ever!

- Mamas who want to feel strong and energised!

- Mamas who have restorative and aesthetic goals but want to do it right....

- Lets become Resilient Mamas!

RMM 1:1 90 Day Program

Our 1:1 Program allows us to double down on any specific Post Natal Issues you are wanting to work on. Whether that be core, pelvic floor or pain right through to future fitness goals.

Within the Resilient Mama Method we get super clear on your needs through assessment and set some firm goals for the next 90 days to ensure you achieve everything you hoped for and more.

Please get in touch so we can run through our various pricing options.

RMM Small Group Packages

The small group sessions are a highly bespoke alternative to 1:1 and are delivered from my small home studio in Giffnock. These sessions can host a maximum of 3.

Again you will be taken through the 3 phase method and goals will be clearly set out.

You will also gain access to the online group where additional course content will be delivered. And you will receive a personal 1:1 check in with Wendy every 30 days to discuss progress.

Get in touch about our launch packages!

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